Your data, Mapped.

Put your data to work

Aimp, an Asset Information Management Platform, is the next evolution in Data Management. Visually track, manage, and make decisions on all assets. Big or small Aimp makes your data manageable. Maintain a bird's eye view or delve deep into your data. Aimp does it better.

No installation necessary

Aimp works ontop of what you already have. We bring your knowledge base together while never changing your workflow. Anything from cad files to quickbooks no data is left out

Context is key

With unlimited data you can view private data along side all available public data or available api's. Aimp is designed for the smallest of companies while performing for a large one.

Speak the same language

Sharing and collaboration is baked into the core of Aimp. One click and youre working together. Printing is just as easy.

Other Functionality

  • No Training - Easy to use interface
  • Rugged - Secure, Reliable and Automatically Backed Up
  • Your Data Visualized - Customized graphical interfaces to make your information come to life
  • Predictive Analytics - Predict the future with your past data. Make decisions from useful metrics
  • Good Data, Good Decisions - We help you get the most out of your data with some house keeping.
  • Easy Querying - Next level Querying, you'll wonder how you did it before. You can even export the results to Excel
  • Live Data - Know whats happening in real time.
  • And Much more!

From Cad to Fab in 4 easy steps

No matter the current state, we can get you up to speed quick.

1. Cad Paper Documents

Tried and true these paper documents have seen alot. Torn or tattered we can wrangle any drawings.

2. Digital Documents

Our engineers create hi-fidelity copies of your paper maps that are consistent through the use of cad drafting standards. You can now view it using any gis viewing software.

3. Future Proof

Not all digitization is created equal. We link the data to the shapes to be used in analytics, reporting, and decision making. This step is key to making your digital document live on.

4. Aimp

With your assets in aimp you can query, count, and analyze all your past data. It sets the stage for decisions, and a complete control of your data.



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